The new pricing model kicks off on October 16th.
Dumbo Flying Elephant
Credit: Courtesy Disney / Matt Stroshane

Disney fans, perk up your (Dumbo) ears: You'll now be able to score cheaper tickets at Walt Disney World Resort by purchasing passes for off-peak dates. "Beginning Oct. 16 on, guests will be able to access our new online vacation-planning destination and purchase tickets priced by the date of visit. These changes are designed to simplify the booking experience, give guests an enhanced way to purchase theme park tickets and help them more easily plan the Disney vacation of their dreams," announces Thomas Smith on the company's Disney Parks Blog.

When buying tickets on the revamped site, guests will be able to see the lowest-priced days within a month, as well as the months offering the lowest prices per day so they can plan their vacations as desired. Watch an overview of the updates below.

Visitors must use tickets during a specified time period and starting on the October 16th launch, you'll be able to book tickets through December 2019. The updated portal will also feature "customized suggestions based on each guest's personal preferences," park overviews, and travel tips from Disney Parks Moms Panelists. According to Travel Weekly, the price range for one-day tickets will be $109-$129.

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