Disney World Hides Its Unmagical Parts by Painting Them with This Shade of Green

The secrets of Disney's notorious "Go Away Green" revealed!

Disney World Magic Kingdom
Photo: ullstein bild/Getty Images

There's no end to what Disney Imagineers will do to keep the "The Most Magical Place on Earth" well, magical.

You've probably never realized (because that's the point!) that the less-than-pretty parts of Disney theme parks, like trash cans, administrative buildings, fences and even backstage areas, are all painted the same lackluster shade of green.

Nicknamed "Go Away Green" or "No-See-Um-Green," this gray-green shade is meant to help ugly things blend in with the landscaping. Brilliant, right?

"The goal of this color is to cause the object to fade into your color spectrum so that your eye will miss it completely," Disney expert Gavin Doyle explained to Business Insider. "The best example can be found on the outdoor lift hill of Big Thunder Mountain, where you can easily see backstage by turning your head to the right. Most guests simply don't see this backstage area as everything is covered in Disney's special green-colored paint."

Disney officials report that there is no set formula for the color, rather the theme parks use a few different colors to cause objects to fade into their surroundings.

As one well-informed Reddit user explained, "It has a lot to do with what the building is blending into—ivy differs from oak, which differs from shrubs, etc."

You better believe we'll be employing this method in our own backyards!

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