No trip to Memphis is complete without a stop at Dinstuhl's Fine Candy Company. 

By Meghan Overdeep
Dinstuhl’s Fine Candy Company
Credit: Facebook/Dinstuhl's Fine Candy Company

When you think of Memphis institutions, Dinstuhl's Fine Candy Company usually comes to mind. (Along with Graceland and the Peabody Hotel, of course...) And after more than 100 years in the business of making sweet treats, this beloved family business still continues to thrive.

Dinstuhl's Fine Candy Company began as a small family operation in 1902. Back then, the candy store run by Charles Martin Dinstuhl, Sr. and his family occupied a meager 400-square-feet of Memphis real estate.

The Dinstuhl family has been handmaking 200 kinds of delicious candies for five generations. And even though they now operate out of an 11,000-square-foot candy kitchen, they haven't strayed far from patriarch Charles Sr.'s vision—or his recipes.

Today, with more than four locations and legions of devoted fans, Charles Sr.'s famous chocolate pecan fudge is still on the menu. (The one that earned the title of #1 Best Fudge in America from Paula Dean Magazine back in 2013.) The Dinstuhl's secret recipe reportedly involves 100% cocoa and is based on the original recipe for milk chocolate created in Switzerland in the late 1800's. According to Bluff City Weekend, they even use some of the same equipment Charles Sr. used way back when.

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From their signature Cashew Crunch and famous chocolate lollipops to their milk chocolate versions of Elvis' Graceland record, no trip to Memphis is complete without a stop at Dinstuhl's Fine Candy Company.