There is only one best, right? It is the ultimate. Nothing better.

By that rule, it is impossible to have more than one world's best burger or margarita or she crab soup. And yet, how many times have you opened a menu to discover the words "World's Best" in bolded, fancy font?

Even when logic reveals to us that such a bombastic designation is merely a baiting ploy by the management, how often do we find ourselves gravitating to that one flaunted dish?

Marketing is not simple. But simple marketing is brilliant.

There's a cafe in Wilmington's Little Italy called Pala's. Rather, there was a Pala's. Their carryout sign--a giant red-lettered white beacon exclaiming "World's Worst Pizza"--caught my eye while on a recent trip to town.

Interest: piqued.

I walked around to the front of the building expecting the...uh...worst, and I guess I found it. Another sign, this one for a real estate company, hung in the window. The abandoned restaurant was for sale. Turns out the pizza might not have been that bad, though. From what I can dig up, they floured dough for 60 years before closing.

Truth is I was primed to order some slices from Pala's Cafe simply because of the sign.

I mean, there is only one worst, right?