Beat the crowds and have the best time at the port of call.


One of the best parts of a cruise is getting off the boat and exploring the city, town, or beach oasis where you've anchored.

But sometimes, it can be crowds galore when you disembark, and what feels like 90% of the boat go to the same restaurant or tiki bar on the beach. What's a traveler to do?

Ask your friendly cruise staff for their insider tips, suggests a former Royal Caribbean employee to Business Insider.

"The former employee, who left the company in February, said that, when he was asked for recommendations, he directed passengers to avoid crowded spots that are popular with tourists, like Sunset Beach Bar in St. Maarten, which is located on a beach that is next to the runway at Princess Juliana International Airport," reports Mark Matousek.

Instead, the cruise line employee clued passengers in to visit Mullet Bay Beach to avoid the crowds, after catching a plane land at Princess Juliana International Airport.

If you're looking for the best advice on what to visit during your port calls, ask cruise staff like casino workers, retail workers, dancers, and guest service staffers, all of whom get free time to check out port towns on their own.

Worth noting, staff will seal their lips on a few locales: "There are bars in certain islands that are designed and cater only to crew, and we would never, ever tell a guest to go to one of those places," the former Royal Caribbean employee told Business Insider.

But hey, if the inner journalist in you wants a story for the books, it couldn't hurt to politely ask.