There are countless unique and exciting places to explore below the Mason-Dixon. Whether you’re traveling to the sandy white beaches of Florida, the picturesque mountains of Tennessee, the quirky small towns of Texas, or the bayous of Louisiana, it’s important to be prepared for the journey. Our friends at Coinage have compiled a few essential travel items that will make your trip more comfortable. First…hydration! It’s easy to forget about drinking water on long car rides. Collapsible water bottles help solve that problem. Taking up minimal space, they only cost about $15. Getting enough sleep makes vacations much more enjoyable – ask any Southern Mama. Try an inflatable neck pillow; it takes up less space in your travel bag and keeps you cozy while catching some ZZZs. Get one in a fun color for around $20. If you like to listen to music and unwind when you travel, you’re going to love the bluetooth sleeping eye mask. It gives you a chance to rest your eyes while still allowing you to answer phone calls (without disturbing your relaxation, of course!). Be kind to your legs and feet during the journey! Wear compression socks to avoid swollen ankles and fatigued legs. These products will keep you happy on the way to your destination while doing little damage to your wallet. Now, go explore in comfort!

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