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Black Coleman Chairs
Credit: Amazon

If Southern dads have taught us anything, it’s to never go to an outdoor event without at least one portable chair in the trunk just in case. Oh, and a bottle of spray sunscreen. What? His neck is sensitive! Having a designated seating situation—no matter if you’re at a soccer game, on the beach, waiting in line for a HomeGoods sale, or just sitting in the yard while burgers are on the grill—is about being prepared for anything. Total Dad move. 

In the South, most of the time we spend outdoors is hot, humid, and a touch sweaty, which makes the need for having a dependable portable chair even more dire. For that, any Southern dad would be proud to know you’ve gotten the right one at the right price, which is inarguably this classic Coleman camping chair with a built-in cooler that fits four beers (er, Cokes). 

Ringing in at only $28, this cushioned fabric chair doesn’t feel wobbly or unsupportive up to 325 pounds, keeps your refreshments nice and cool, and comes with a one-year warranty in the case of utter disaster. The brand garners a loyal following, thanks to dependable quality and timeless appeal. We can practically hear Dad nodding in the background already.

Not only does the Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair make a functional gift for any outdoor enthusiast in your life, but it makes a dependable accessory to keep in your own trunk, should the occasion arise to catch the last rays of sunlight somewhere pretty or post up at a neighborhood pickup game. Just make sure to pack a couple Cokes for the ride. 

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Dads aren’t the only ones who get to sit in comfort at a moment’s notice. All it takes is a little prep and a great portable chair.