Sorry, bubble gum enthusiasts.

Disney World Main Street USA
Credit: abalcazar/Getty Images

Consider the picture above of Disney World's Main Street USA. What do you notice about the street? There's virtually no trash, right?

Now, imagine if you could buy bubble gum at Disney World. That's a lot of bubbles. But that's also a lot of discarded wads of chewing gum all around the park grounds—creating a veritable nuisance for maintenance to clean up.

As Reader's Digest explained in a piece titled "This Might Be Why You Can't Buy Gum in Disney Parks," the outlet confirmed with a Disney parks representative that gum is not sold in the parks, and added to our hunch that the reason why relates to cleanliness: "It's probably because they take pride in their cleanliness, and gum is a difficult substance to clean up and remove from surfaces. If visitors were to buy gum and consequently spit it on the ground or stick it to walls, it would create a less-than-ideal environment for other guests," writes Dani Walpole. "More importantly, it would result in a sticky situation for custodial cast members."

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Well, we guess this news just leaves us with more room for Dole Whip.

Planning a Disney trip this year? What are your favorite snacks and treats? We'll see you in line for Dole Whip, friends and Disney fans.