The Most Hilariously Southern Things You Can Find At Buc-ee's

From Beaver Nuggets to buckets of bacon grease.

Any Texan can tell you: There is no pitstop like a Buc-ee's pitstop. The chain of Southern convenience stores and gas stations is a sight to behold, with each sprawling store headed up by their jolly cartoon beaver mascot, Buc-ee, and filled with as many eclectic Southern products as one could ever imagine—from regional food that's actually delicious to souvenirs that prove everything is bigger in Texas. After your first time at a Buc-ee's, you'll be ruined for the rest of your roadtrippin' life. Mark our words. No other roadside gas stations can compete. Luckily for Southerners outside the Lone Star State, Buc-ee's is expanding out of its home state, with locations (both upcoming and already open) in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, and Virginia.

Wondering what makes it so special? Let us introduce you to the most Southern things you can find at Buc-ee's on your first trip—and all the ones after that. Because you'll be hooked. Beaver Nuggets for all!

Texas Convenience Store Buc-ee's
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Dr Pepper Icees

Texas' oldest soft drink gets plenty of attention here, considering Buc-ee's is known for having one of the biggest-ever fountain soda bars lined with Icee machines and enough options to make a kid giddy. (And us, too.) Just a little something to cool folks off on a hot Southern day.

Beaver Nuggets

These bites of caramel, sugar, and butter-coated corn puffs are Buc-ee's most popular road trip snack, without a doubt. You'll find these big clear bags full of popped golden nuggets get a huge share of aisle space at each location, making it pretty much impossible to resist picking up a batch.

Buckets of Bacon Grease

We're being serious. These big 'ole buckets are 7.3 pounds each. Each! Everyone's country-cooking relative would be very proud. You'll think it's so ridiculous—until you bring it to the Dirty Santa party at Christmastime and have the greatest gag gift of all time.

Deer Feeders

Buc-ee's has an exclusive line of deer feeders that can't be beat in terms of quality and price, which is sort of their "thing." (They're also known for having the best deals for cheap ice and deer corn.) Deer feeder from a truck stop? Why not?

BBQ Counter

Known as the Texas Round Up, Buc-ee's barbecue counter is lined with all the good stuff and fixings, including brisket, sliced sausage, and smoked turkey—all of which can be turned into a made-to-order sandwich to take on the go. No need to wait in line for famous pulled pork anymore.

Jerky Wall

Southerners love a dried meat snack, and Buc-ee's jerky section—a whole wall of it, in fact—is something any jerky connoisseur would appreciate, with more than a dozen different varieties of Texas-made jerky to choose from. It's a favorite amongst those with a hankering for a handheld snack for the road, especially when paired with the in-house roasted nuts and potato chips fried on location.

Crawfish Boil Table Top

It doesn't get more Southern than a table top that fits directly over a trash can in order to make your crawfish boil at home almost too easy to enjoy. It's not exactly something found at your local gas station, which only makes us want to buy it more.


This Czech pastry is a classic treat found in Texas Hill Country, and Buc-ee's makes it so you don't have to sniff out the secret places to get your fill of the pastry dough filled with sausage and cheese.

Pickle Section

Leave it to a Southern gas station to keep hundreds of pickles and preserves on deck at all times. Beyond dozens of varieties and flavors of pickled vegetables, expect more, er, interesting products like pickled quail eggs. Alongside all of the pickles, you can pick up jars of in-house jams and jellies, as well as jarred items like peach cobbler filling, to take home for later.

Hot Biscuits

Every morning, a crowd converges on Buc-ee's center section in search of its freshly made breakfast items. In addition to the favorite brisket-egg tacos, you can find hot biscuits filled with savory combinations such as bacon, egg, and cheese, wrapped up in old-school paper.

Farmhouse Home Décor

If you've never been to Buc-ee's, it'd be easy to assume that the gas station stops at its impressive food offerings, but around half of the interior space is actually dedicated to home, kitchen, and fashion items. You can find Texas farmhouse-inspired home décor, such as kitchen towels and knickknacks, as well as Buc-ee's themed clothing. Even Buc-ee's bathing suits!

Homemade Fudge

Every day, Buc-ee's fills a display with multiple types of fudge made in-house the old-fashioned way. You can even snag a sample if you ask politely.

Pair all of these products with their award for Cleanest Bathrooms in America, the world's longest car wash, and true Southern hospitality—and you'll never want to leave the "Disney of convenience stores."

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