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Despite advances in technology making everything from ordering takeout to undergoing surgical procedures easier than ever, unfortunately, boarding an airplane has regressed to an obstacle-dotted, nightmarish slog. Even on the best airport trip, the bar has been set so low that hours of discomfort, strange odors, and price gouging are tacitly accepted.

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Because of this, the U-shaped travel pillow is a ubiquitous sight in airports. Slung around necks and hanging over suitcases, they are displayed without decorum as far as the eye can see down the concourse. If you don't like to look like a tourist on vacation, chances are you don't like to look like one at the airport either. Still, when your plane is delayed indefinitely or you're embarking on a 7-hour journey, comfort takes precedent.

Enter Casper's new Nap Pillow, which is a smaller, portable version of their cult-status bed pillow. Instead of using the U-shaped design, this pillow is a standard rectangle of soft yet supportive microfiber—a much more sophisticated material and structure than your standard travel pillow. Because it isn't confined to one shape, you can fold and wedge it to a variety of scenarios whether you're squeezed into a window seat or have to sleep on the floor of a gate at Hartsfield-Jackson International (true story, y'all). It also comes in a sporty navy sack that can easily fit in your carry-on or tote bag.

While Casper mattresses and standard pillows might cost a pretty penny, the nap pillow at $35 is an affordable way to join this startup's fangirls and boys. Just don't be surprised when you end up using it in your bed at home too.