Luckily down here, a good biscuit is not hard to find. 

Plenty of Biscuits and Cornbread
Credit: Jennifer Davick

There are time we like to think that we are more alike with our Northern neighbors than it seems, and then there are times where the differences between us become too clear. One of the headlines in May's issue of Bon Appetit magazine (which full disclosure, we thorougly enjoy reading) was clearly meant to elicit curiosity even disbelief to its readers: "The Best Biscuits in Georgia are at the Gas Station." While we might disagree at this headline's particular definitiveness, our reaction was to nod in tacit agreement. Why yes, some of the South's best biscuits, in fact some of the South's best food, shines the brightest under the fluorescent-lit awnings of a fuel stop.

In the same way East and West Coasters may fawn over their corner bodega, we hold the same affection for our gas stations. Look no further than this list we compiled last year that features such wonders as Bibimbap burgers in Memphis and Pad Thai in Hoover, Alabama. While writer Wyatt Williams' has us triangulating our next road trip plan around a stop at Felicia Doster's Chevron just east of Between, Georgia, we thought we would add a few more places where we brake for their biscuits.

The Biscuit Pit

Grenada, Mississippi
In this tiny North Mississippi town, the BP gas station also stands for Biscuit Pit. What the biscuits here lack in Instagrammable layers, they make up for in character. Made from scratch, each thin biscuit is cut by hand with the opened end of a tin can, and on their busiest day, the cooks can crank out over 1,000 of them. The Biscuit Pit also acts as a sort-of town hall where locals get together to talk about football and other happenings over sausage-egg biscuits, sometimes with a little smear of grape jelly. Community matters so much here that when a regular passes away, they are remembered with a painted mug in the shelf called the "cup ministry."

Parker's Urban Market

Savannah, Georgia
Known to locals as "Fancy Parker's," this tile-roofed gas station-upscale grocery-gift shop hybrid in Savannah's historic district is filled with tailored laywers on their way to the courthouse and Lennon glasses-wearing art students rushing to their 8 a.m. classes who all wait in line for a hot, foil-wrapped biscuit from their deli counter.

Roy's Store

Chatham, Mississippi
Just a couple miles up Eastside Lake Washington Road from Mount Holly is Roy's Store, an oasis for fishers and campers who come back to shore to eat hot biscuits in the morning along with hyper-local catfish, and cheeseburgers at lunch. As we also found out, they have three flavors of Moon Pies available, coffee, and a tiny bar great for meeting the locals and/or asking the locals for directions. The store counts Delta-born author and writer Julia Reed among their fans.