Are you getting the most out of your family's trips to Disney World? Sign up as a frequent flier! With an overabundance of frequent flier programs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in selecting one that’s right for you. There are ‘Light’ fliers, who typically spend around $450 annually on airfare. If you’re only flying once or twice a year, it’s important to find a program that doesn’t have expiring points. An ‘average’ flier in the United States spends over $3,000 annually. To this type of flier, the value of the dollar is often the most important or desirable factor. Hawaiian Airlines offers their customers the most value per dollar spent at $0.21. Sounds like we need a quick trip to Oahu! Customers can expect to earn free tickets, in-flight upgrades, and non-expiring points. Coming in at a close second is Virgin America’s frequent flier program. The airline offers no blackout dates, free flights starting at just 2,500 points, and everlasting points! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight knowing you picked the right program.

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