These Are the Best Bushwackers in the South

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The South is known for a variety of tasty culinary creations, like fried green tomatoes and biscuits with gravy, but when it comes to the best drinks below the Mason-Dixon, it's hard to beat the Bushwacker. Best described as the ultimate adult milkshake, the icy treat usually contains dark Rum, Kahlúa, Cream of Coconut, and some form of milk. The Bushwacker is believed to have originated in the Virgin Islands, but Southerners have really made it their own!


You can't do a Bushwacker round up without including Lucy Buffett's popular Gulf Shores restaurant. Complete with year-round events, live music, and a rope course, it's the perfect place to bring the family along! Lulu's Bushwacker is deliciously soft and sweet because of the added vanilla ice cream! Enjoy the tasty drink while overlooking the scenic intercoastal waterway.

Broadway Brewhouse

You can find the Broadway Brewhouse in many places across the state of Tennessee, but legend has it that the midtown location is actually the restaurant that brought the Bushwacker to Nashville. So, if you're looking for the original, the Broadway Brewhouse is the place to go.


Established in 1964, Flora-Bama is widely considered one of America's best roadhouses! The lounge and oyster bar is located on the state line between Florida and Alabama, hence the name Flora-Bama. Gulf Cost vacationers come from near and far to try the iconic Bushwacker, and the delightful drink is a well-known favorite for many who visit the establishment. Joe Gilchrist, one of the long-time owners, even titled his memoir Bushwhacked at the Flora-Bama.

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Moe's BBQ

With more than fifty restaurants spanning the country, you're never more than a hop, skip, or jump away from a Moe's BBQ! Starkville, New Orleans, and Atlanta are just a few of the many locations to enjoy homemade desserts, Southern style side dishes, mouthwatering BBQ, and of course a thirst-quenching Bushwacker.


Just because you're craving a Bushwacker doesn't mean you can't get a little dressed up! In fact, many Southerners prefer a more sophisticated approach to enjoying the frozen drink. Located in Orange Beach, Cobalt's offers a remarkable view of the bay! With a delicious mix of Smirnoff Whipped, light crème de coca, and coffee liquor, this refreshing drink is sure to impress.

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