A sit-back-and-relax kind of road trip.

Fall Color by Train
Peep at fall foliage via a train car on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway's four-hour trip through the mountains.
| Credit: Photo: Stacey Van Berkel

Nobody loves a road trip quite like a Southerner. It's true. We hop in the car, hit the roads, explore the backroads, and pull over to take IG-worthy photos. But road trips can be exhausting for the person in the driver's seat. So if you're tired of sitting in traffic and done with relying on Google Maps–or Siri–here's a trip you might want to consider taking in 2017. Just one thing: you'll need to leave the car at home. Now you can put the hassles behind you, and take a relaxed scenic trip by train. If you think this is impractical, difficult to plan, or maybe too expensive, then you're in for a cross-country treat. Thanks to adventure traveler Derek Low, you can experience his San Francisco to New York journey by rail, and decide if this mode of transportation is right for you. Covering over 3,000 miles with iconic scenery and beautiful American landscapes, Low was able to complete his trip for about $200 in just about four days. For a little extra money, however, you can extend your trip for up to two weeks, and add even more stops and cities along the way.

Interested? Low's blog provides more colorful details plus amazing photos from his travels. Best of all, he will share his tips and tricks, and for a small fee can even help plan your journey so that you can cover the sights on your personal bucket list. At the very least, you'll learn a little bit more about what long-distance traveling by train is all about.