A cheap and cheerful way to stay organized.

By Hannah Hayes
September 18, 2018
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When you reach for your keys inside your tote bag, do you fear your hand will plunge into the fifth dimension? A gravitational void where granola bar wrappers, loose change, lip balm tubes, and faded receipts hang suspended for all of time.

At the end of a busy day, I too used to sit my bag on the parking garage floor next to my car, pull out my cell phone flashlight and spelunk for my keys. Now when I reach for them, my hand does not wade through a minefield of promotional ballpoint pens, Gin Gins, various cords and chargers, and leftover plastic cutlery from a BBQ pit stop.

WATCH: How to Pack a Carry-On Bag

Why? Because all of my life's contents from my toiletries to my tote bag essentials and technology are stored in Baggu's Nylon Pouches, which are as much practical as they are cute.

Available in sets of three in both trapezoidal and rectangular shapes, and in a variety of prints like gingham and fruit or subdued jewel tones and bright solids, they travel well too. When I'm on the road, I like to use their 3D Zip Set to keep my toiletries separated so I'm not rummaging through shampoo bottles and my razor for my mascara.

In their classic pouch set, the largest one can hold a 12-inch laptop and the medium one can hold an iPad mini. I like to use the smallest one to keep my phone charger from becoming lost in the crevasses of my carry-on.

But the true superiority of these pouches compared to other organizational vessels is in their materials. Made of expandable, lay-flat nylon that isn't bulky or super structured, these pouches not only save real estate and conform to the space they're in, they're also machine-washable. So if your travel sized toothpaste leaks inside one, you can even rinse it out in the sink and have it dry in a minute or two with a blow dryer.

While other forms of enlightenment may take much longer to achieve, Baggu's pouches make organizational nirvana just a click away.