Because we could all use some motivation before going back to school.

Primary Schoolboys and Schoolgirls in a Classroom
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The end of summer can be a bummer, but there are definitely some things to look forward to as we approach the new school year. We gathered expert advice from some of the most trusted Southern grade-schoolers to help you and your little one conquer the back-to-school blues:

First day jitters (well, maybe not for everyone):

"I get nervous to see who is in my class and who is my teacher. But don't worry, because all the teachers are really great, and you get to know everyone in your grade by the end of the year." Addie, 4th grade

"Trying to figure out [your] locker, or you cant remember your combination and you're trying to get to class." Victoria, 6th grade

"Nothing [is scary], not to me." Jack, 3rd grade

Don't forget to pack...

"My lunch and a water bottle. Cause you get hungry and if you don't drink any water you get dehydrated." CeCe, 6th grade

"A snack. And some books." Jack
(His favorite snack: "Anything. Anything that will make me stop from being hungry.")

"Lunch, because I don't want to starve to death." Elle, 3rd grade

"Lunch. A Peanut butter and jelly sandwich." Kate, 1st grade

Starting school off with style is important. Dress code, what dress code?:

"I like to wear something totally glitter, like everything blinged out." Victoria

"Jeans and a cute top, because its probably going to be really cold inside, and you have to dress the dress code. Jeans are always dress code." CeCe

How to keep old friends, and make new friends, too:

"Be nice to people. If somebody is sitting alone go and talk to them and you can make a new friend." CeCe

"Talk to them, and talk to them a lot." Elle

"I bring them together in a birthday party of sleepover, so they can get along and we can all have a good time and we can have this one big happy friendship." Victoria

What girls actually do when they meet up after the summer:

"We text and say ‘oh my gosh look at that and look at that.' We like to talk about like ‘oh my gosh, did you see what happened in the cafeteria?' We talk about all the funny moments that happen." Victoria

What happens if you get into trouble:

"I would say I'm sorry and it wouldn't happen again, and promise to do better next time. You have to say what you did so [the teacher] knows that you did it." Victoria

"I would try not to get in trouble." Jack

What not to say to the teacher on the first day:

"That you wanted a different teacher." CeCe

"Is the day over yet?" Elle

One thing you absolutely cannot forget to do the night before school:

"Snacks, I pack my snack." Jack

Locker decorating essentials, because decorating your locker is basically equivalent to decorating your house:

"Shelves, lights, mirror, white board, magnets and cut out pictures of friends, and some people put wallpaper." CeCe

"I would start out with a zebra print, and a traditional turquoise color. I would like to add a chandelier to my locker, or a disco ball. I put mirrors in it, and I also put pictures of my friends and magnets or little souvenirs from vacation to remind you of all the fun you had in the summer." Victoria

Advice to give the, ahem, little kids:

Kate to a kindergartener: "It's just one step ahead. [Kindergarten] is really easy."

Jack to a 2nd grader: "Second grade is pretty fun."

Victoria to a 5th grader: "Make some new friends and don't be nervous, and just be you, have a good year, and try to make everyday the best day."

Elle to a 2nd grader: "Never be shy."

CeCe to a 5th grader: "Make a lot of new friends, because when you go to sixth grade you're going to have a bunch of friends from the 5th grade. Be nice to everyone."

And general advice to get through... life:

"If you ever feel like you can't do it, or someone tells you that you shouldn't do it, ignore it and prove them wrong." Victoria

"Do your best." Elle

"Be prepared. If you're prepared, you get good grades." Addie

"If you want a husband, you need to start figuring guys out now." Victoria

Duly noted, Victoria.