Better bring an iPad.

In-Flight Entertainment
Passengers seated in custom-designed leather chairs try out Virgin America airlines in-flight entertainment system which includes on-demand movies, television, video games,music and onboard chat rooms during the first flights of Virgin America from Los An
| Credit: Bob Riha Jr / Getty Images

First Basic Economy, and now this! Some American Airlines flights will soon be BYOE—bring your own entertainment.

Conde Nast Traveler reports that, following similar moves by other airlines, American won't install seat-back monitors for in-flight entertainment in its 100 new domestic-service Boeing 737s. Four of these new monitor-less airplanes are set to be put into service later this year.

Good news though: the airline's library of movies and television shows, as well as some live TV options, will still be available via in-flight Internet. You just have to bring your own mobile device to watch, which is why the new airplane models will have power outlets at every seat.

"More than 90% of our passengers already bring a device or screen with them when they fly," the airline said in a statement sent to employees on Tuesday, according to CNT. "Those phones and tablets are continually upgraded, they're easy to use and, most importantly, they are the technology our customers have chosen."

The money the airline is saving will be invested in upgrading its Wi-Fi services. Unfortunately you'll still have to pay for the Internet, but some, if not all, of the library of shows and movies may be available for free once you're connected. Getting rid of seat-back monitors and the bulky systems that go with them also increases passenger leg room, which if you ask us, is priceless.