Convertible Beach Chair
Credit: Amazon

This 2-in-1 Beach Chair Doubles as a Wagon, and Will Make Your Next Beach Day a Breeze

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Beachgoers know arm space is prized real estate. You've got your towels, cooler, SPF, and the snacks—so many snacks. So, when we came upon a beach chair that doubles as a wagon to help make the trek from the car, condo, or boardwalk to our little slice of sandy shore, well, we knew we had to have it. The MacSports 2-in-1 Outdoor Beach Cart + Folding Lounge Chair will change the way you beach. BUY IT: $154.30;

If you've ever decided to skip a beach trip because the thought of traipsing through the sand bogged down with bags and countless random odds and ends all while dealing with the wind, sand, and sun, well, you're certainly not alone. Thankfully, you needn't disappoint the tiny and enthusiastic troops in your family any longer. The MacSports 2-in1 Outdoor Beach Cart and Folding Lounge Chair will hold all the sippy cups, pails, shovels, and Cheddar crackers you'll need to keep a crew of demanding toddlers happy for a daylong beach adventure. Now, if your beach team is a little more mature, all the more reason to snag one of these double-duty loungers while you can. For toting beach games, a small cooler, extra towels, and more, they can't be beat.

The cart cargo space can withstand up to 100 pounds of weight with 3.9 cubic feet of space to hold all your gear. The wide-tread wheels are made for sturdy transport through rugged terrain (read, sand—lots of it). Once you're ready to relax, covert the cart into a chair that can hold up to 225 pounds and adjust the back to one of four different positions for your ideal reclining angle.

Amazon shoppers are thrilled about its lightweight yet sturdy bones and praise it for simplifying what can be an otherwise laborious task when all you're after is a little rest and relaxation.

"I've taken this out 2 times so far and love it. It's not too big or heavy for me to handle on my own. I would say I'm a plus-size person and I fit very well in the chair. I get lots of compliments on it. Just perfect for when I'm alone at the beach with my daughter."

"Best chair ever! I love going to the beach alone but hate lugging everything for a long day at the beach... now my chair is my cart for the umbrella, cooler, towels, etc! Love it!"

Now all you'll need to do is sit back in your lounger and wonder how you ever managed a beach day without it.

Convertible Beach Chair and Cart
Credit: Amazon

MacSports 2-in-1 Outdoor Beach Cart + Folding Lounge Chair

BUY IT: $154.30;

This beach chair turned wagon will revolutionize your beach day. Load it up with all your gear, roll it out to your spot of sand, unpack, and unwind.