Alabama Couple's Lost Wedding Ring Turns Up 30 Years Later

The couple has been married since 1951, and the ring had been lost since the 1990s. 

Betty and Bill Green
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Dyar and Bill Lang, Lake Homes Realty

Alabama couple Betty and Bill Green are both in their 90s and have been married for more than 70 years. But they were in for the surprise of a lifetime when Bill's wedding ring, which had been missing for 30 years, was found last month.

According to their daughter, when the couple was wed in 1951, they couldn't afford rings. Over time, they were able to purchase each other "proper rings," which they both wore until the 1990s when Bill's was lost during the build of their lake home on Lewis Smith Lake in North Alabama.

Lost wedding ring
Courtesy of Justin Dyar and Bill Lang, Lake Homes Realty

In 2019, the Greens reached out to realtor Justin Dyar with Lake Homes Realty to sell their lake home. Their home went on the market in late 2021 and was sold by December. While the new owners were renovating the home, they found a gold and diamond-encrusted ring under the basement carpet. It turned out to be Bill's missing ring from 30 years ago! It somehow got trapped underneath the carpet during its initial installation in the '90s.

Dyar, who has kept in contact with the Greens via snail mail and the occasional text message, immediately reached out to the couple to tell them their ring had been found.

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"It has now been returned to the Greens, and they can enjoy this special piece that has been gone for so long," he said in a Facebook post detailing the incredible story. "They appreciate the new owners for reaching out and returning this priceless heirloom to them."

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