Even a dog took part in the chase!


Alabama motorists driving eastbound on Interstate 20 in Tuscaloosa County Monday afternoon were treated to an impromptu rodeo show when a pair of cows wandered onto the roadway.

Traffic came to a standstill as the cows—which were being chased by a dog and some lasso-wielding cowboys on horseback—darted in and out of the parked cars.

Cow on I-20 Alabama
Credit: John Johnson/Twitter

Incredulous drivers pulled out their phones to record the bizarre scene unfolding in the middle of the busy interstate. Meteorologist James Spann shared a video of the dog in hot pursuit of one of the escaped cows on Twitter. Others captured footage of the commute-saving cowboys racing to capture the evasive bovines.

Alabama Department of Transportation ALDOT spokesman John McWilliams told AL.com that the ordeal began about 2:15 p.m. and was under control by 3 p.m.

But not before the ALDOT has a little fun with the situation on Twitter.

"Wranglers from Livingston corralled the cows,'' McWilliams told AL.com, "and they're now back with their owner."

Just another day in Alabama!