You can't fake the Foo.

Foosackly's Box
Credit: Foosackly's

Fast-food chicken chains have been a constant in the news lately thanks to a viral Twitter war over chicken sandwiches. Although many Southern states are dealing with long lines and sold-out stores following the chicken-sandwich feud of 2019, residents of Mobile, Alabama, are shaking their heads and driving to a local joint called Foosackly's.

Foosackly's Exterior
Credit: Mathew Coughlin

Mention a trip to Zaxby's or Bojangles' to a Mobilian, and you'll receive a belly laugh (or possibly a "bless your heart") in response. Mobilians are extremely proud of their local chicken finger palace, and with good reason. Foosackly's cooks up fresh chicken fingers, crispy fries, and don't get us started on the homemade sauces.

Oops, we just got ourselves started on the homemade sauces. Whether you go for classic Foo Sauce, Real Honey Mustard, Buttermilk Ranch, Sweet & Spicy Kung Foo, Smoky BBQ, or Classic Buffalo, you can dunk, slather, or dip assured that those delicious sauces are made fresh in-house.

Foosackly's boasts a simple but growing menu. After all, you don't need a lot of fuss when you're talking chicken fingers. While you can't go wrong with a classic Box (five chicken fingers, fries, slaw, a piece of toast, and of course, the sauce of your choice), you'll also find creative additions like bacon queso fries or a buffalo chicken sandwich.

You can't sit down with a plate full of Foosackly's famous chicken fingers and crinkle fries without some freshly-made sweet tea or fresh-squeezed lemonade, always over the "good ice." You know the kind—tiny, round, fills up your cup but doesn't water down the drink. Yep, every Foosackly's location has it.

Foosackly's Catering
Credit: Foosackly's

Foosackly's caters to crowds small and large, which is part of the reason why it's so beloved. Even at some of the dressiest Mardi Gras balls in the city, you're guaranteed to find debutantes and knights alike gathered around a table full of Foosackly's. Whether perched on a sterling silver platter for masked revelers post-parade or picked up in the always-packed (but fast-moving!) drive-thru line after school, there's not a wrong way to eat Foosackly's. A tailgate staple, busy mom go-to, hangover remedy for local college kids, and road trip stop for those passing through town, Foosackly's is a favorite regardless who you ask. And homesick Mobilians? It's sure to be on their list of "musts" when they come in town (no offense to Mama's home cooking).

Foosackly's Interior
Credit: Mathew Coughlin

Perhaps the most important thing about Foosackly's is the people. Although the restaurant has spread to several locations along the Gulf Coast, it keeps its bearings on quality service and polite employees. Even if you're a skeptic who hasn't been changed by your first Foosackly's trip, you'll be met with nothing but the warmest hospitality from the second you arrive. As their motto goes, "You can't fake the Foo." And that's the truth.

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