The secret's in the county name.

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It's a tiny town with a big secret, and we're spilling the beans—or sausage, as the case may be. Evergreen, Alabama, is located in the south of the state, between Mobile and Montgomery. It's the county seat of Conecuh County, where the town's big secret gets its name. That secret? Conecuh sausage.

Evergreen, Alabama, produces some of the best (and best-loved) sausage in the South. It's a link sausage that's oh-so smoky in flavor, deep and savory, with notes of fragrant hickory. It also has history. This sausage is a family affair: The Conecuh Sausage Company has been in business since 1947. It's long been helmed by the Sessions family, whose operations also produce other delicious meats, including smoked turkey, bacon, and ham. (Roll down your windows as you drive by the headquarters on I-65, and you're sure to catch a whiff.) According to Alabama Farmers Federation, the company "produces 30,000-40,000 pounds of sausage a day at the facility," and demand continues to rise.

If you want to include this sausage in your weekly breakfast plans, you have your pick of flavors: Hickory Smoked Sausage, Original Hot and Spicy, Cajun Smoked—there's a flavor for every taste. To track it down, you can try to find a restaurant that serves it or, if you're lucky, you can find it at your local supermarket (try their store locator to find a retailer near you). To get this sausage straight from the hog's mouth, as it were, check out the catalog or plan a trip to the Conecuh Gift Shop, the retail location in Evergreen where you can pick up all the Conecuh sausage your heart desires. (They also do a selection of gift boxes that are perfect for the holidays!)

Once you track down a bite of Conecuh sausage, which every Southerner should do, check out the Conecuh Sausage Company's selection of recipes, which will teach you how to put that sausage to delicious use in your kitchen. We're partial to our own Spicy Sausage-and-Cheddar Kolaches Recipe and Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya Recipe, both of which call for delicious Conecuh sausage.

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Conecuh sausage is calling our names. Have you ever tried it? Let us know if you plan a visit to Evergreen, Alabama, to get some for yourself this season.