This creative Southern scoop is destined to be enjoyed on Grandma's back porch.


"The only thing that's not made in-house is the sprinkles." That's the hallmark of Big Spoon Creamery, an ice cream shop in Birmingham, Alabama, where just about everything is homemade. This artisanal creamery has risen to local acclaim for its gourmet approach to ice cream.

With a menu full of tried-and-true classics and inventive flavors alike, Big Spoon prides itself on using local produce and high-quality ingredients, crafting an ice cream experience that you won't soon forget. Forget Oreos: The cookies & cream flavor—one of the shop's few menu mainstays and a year-round best-seller—combines sweet cream ice cream with house-made chocolate cookie crumble.

Buttermilk Corn Cookie Ice Cream
Credit: Zoe Denenberg

Driven by seasonality, the ice cream shop's menu changes monthly. In the fall, Georgia Nell's pecan pie is a standout: vanilla ice cream studded with chunks of pecan pie, the famed pie recipe passed down from co-owner Ryan O'Hara's late grandmother. Locals wait all year for Alabama strawberry and blackberry honeysuckle to make their late spring appearances on the menu. And don't even get us started on peach season, when peach cobbler is a surefire hit.

But the ultra-Southern favorite that takes the cake today has to be the shop's buttermilk corn cookie flavor, a brand-new menu item that debuted this spring. The creamery's homage to classic Southern cornbread, the buttermilk corn cookie flavor features tangy buttermilk ice cream, mixed in with bite-sized pieces of corn cookies. "It's an unexpected take on a familiar, nostalgic flavor," says co-owner and pastry chef Geri-Martha O'Hara. "You get the richness and tang from the buttermilk, then the grit and warmth from the cornmeal—it's all the best parts of cornbread, transformed into a scoop of ice cream."

While tradition mandates that you won't find sugar in an authentic Southern cornbread, this dessert version may just have us sold on cornbread's sweet side. The cookies themselves pack two different types of corn—local McEwen and Sons cornmeal and freeze-dried ground corn, which work together to deliver a subtle but distinctive corn flavor. Pair your scoop of with a crisp vanilla waffle cone (of course, the batter is made in house), and you're sure to leave the shop with a smile.

This flavor is on the menu through the month of May, so try it while you can if you're local. Not based in Alabama? No problem. Replicate this iconic flavor at home with our recipe for Cornbread Ice Cream.