Alabama Mom Thankful for "Angel in a Pickup Truck" Who Saved Her Choking Son

“I will forever be grateful for that stranger and for the Heavenly Father sending him.”

Candace Pimentel was headed home from church last Wednesday night when she faced every parent's worst nightmare. Her 9-year-old son Raylen began choking on a piece of hard candy.

The Gardendale, Alabama mom of three immediately pulled over on the side of the road and attempted to dislodge the candy from her son's throat. Frantic and not finding any luck, she told her older son to call 911 and began trying to flag down other drivers for help.

pickup truck
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In complete "panic mode," Candace told local station WVTM 13 that she remembers holding onto her son with one arm, while waving cars down with the other.

That's when an "angel in a pickup truck" arrived on the scene. The man, who said he was coming from church himself, swiftly performed the Heimlich maneuver on Raylen. Once able to breathe again, Raylen thanked the man for saving his life, then gave his mom a big hug and told her that he loved her.

In a Facebook post, Candace reflected on the scary experience saying, "My heart was breaking, then the Heavenly Father sent me an angel in a pickup truck—he helped save my baby. I will forever be grateful for that stranger and for the Heavenly Father sending him and that Raylen is alive."

Raylen told WVTM 13 that he believes that "God sent an angel because He probably has a purpose for me over here."

We're in awe of this heartwarming story and are wishing a very Merry Christmas to the mystery hero in the pickup truck!

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