There are countless historic and scenic destinations to explore in the South! And, while embarking on a new adventure is incredibly exciting, the possibility of spending several hours in an airport can be draining. Take advantage of the waiting time after checking in for your flight. Here are a few ways to be productive at the airport. Does an overstuffed inbox stress you out? Be sure to speed through security and start answering those neglected emails. Use quality airport time to get your laptop organized; delete old files, create folders, and arrange information in ways you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. When there’s time to kill, there’s time to call! While waiting at the terminal, make those long overdue phone calls. You’ll be able to rest easy on the flight. Are you completely up to date with your work? Use your free time to set goals for when you return, and start a to-do list toward your year’s objective. With all this pre-flight productivity, you may be able to snag a few extra vacation days.

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