TikToker Raises More Than $100,000 To Help 82-Year-Old Walmart Cashier Retire

Maryland Navy veteran Warren “Butch” Marion was finally able to retire thanks to the generosity of others.

Butch Marion

Rory McCarty

An 82-year-old Navy veteran is happily retired after a video of him working as a cashier at a Walmart in Cumberland, Maryland, went viral on TikTok last month. 

It’s thanks to a GoFundMe campaign launched by TikTok user Rory McCarty, that Warren “Butch” Marion was finally able to hang up his blue vest for good.

McCarty, who already had a sizable following thanks to his bug extermination business, said he was “astounded” to find the “little older man” still working eight- or nine-hour shifts when he stopped by his local Walmart for batteries back in December. 

Inspired by another TikToker who set up a GoFundMe to help an 82-year-old Walmart employee in Arizona retire, McCarty asked his followers to band together to give Marion the twilight years he deserved. 

“I wanted to help this Navy veteran to live the remainder of his years traveling to see his kids in Florida,” McCarty explained on the GoFundMe page. “Get him off his feet for eight hours at a time, and do the things he would love to do that he may not be able to for financial reasons.”

His GoFundMe topped his 100,000 fundraising goal in just two days. 

"I just wanted to put something in motion and the lord did the rest," McCarty told Fox 5 DC.

On January 4, McCarty presented Marion with a check for almost $109,000. He would never return to Walmart. 

Marion used to work for General Motors, but retired so he could help take care of his wife’s first husband, who he was friendly with. After he died, Marion says he took care of his wife, who died not long after. He started working at Walmart to “stay busy and pay bills” in 2006. 

“All I can tell you is the good Lord has blessed me for what I did in my younger years,” Marion told the Cumberland Times-News. “What this is going to do for me at 82 years-old is allow me to pay all my bills off, including my house and I will have nothing but my utility bills. I’ll be able to travel to Florida whenever I feel like going and see my kids. I’m very, very blessed.”

At time of publication, McCarty’s GoFundMe had reached $143,230.

Congratulations on a retirement well earned, Butch!

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