Hostess Just Announced Three New Crave-Worthy Treats

We'll be stocking up on Chocolate Drizzle Baby Bundt Cakes.

Hostess KazBars Single-Serve Packaging


Is there anything better than a thick slab of Grandma’s famous chocolate pound cake? Answer: Not really. But, unfortunately, we don’t always have the time to whip up a tried-and-true recipe from scratch.

For your quick dessert fix, beloved snack brand Hostess—long-time purveyors of road trip staples like DingDongs, Twinkies, and Raspberry Zingers—has recently launched three new treats across the nation. With flavors reminiscent of some of our favorite desserts (like Old Fashioned Pound Cake), they honestly sound really good.

First up: Chocolate lovers, meet KazBars. Part-candy and part-cake, KazBars are tiered treats with “six creamy, crunchy layers of cake, crunch, crème, and more” (say that five times fast!) dipped in a chocolate-flavored coating.

KazBar Hostess Treats


The Triple Chocolate version contains gooey chocolate fudge and crème, soft chocolate cake, a chocolate drizzle, and pieces of “sweet crunch.” Or, reach for Chocolate Caramel, which swaps the chocolate fudge for a real caramel layer. Though a standard KazBar is 2.75 oz. (think candy bar), you can also pick up this chocolatey treat in a bite-size mini package, perfect for throwing in your beach bag as an afternoon pick-me-up (or—you heard it here first—popped in the freezer).

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying a Bundt cake all to yourself? Look no further than Chocolate Drizzle Baby Bundts. Each perfectly-sized chocolate Bundt feels reminiscent of a baby shower petit four, expertly drizzled with a delightful little puddle of chocolate icing in the middle. Baby Bundts come two-to-a-pack (2.5 oz.) so you can share if you’re feeling generous.

Hostess Chocolate Drizzle Baby Bundts


And, finally, your gas station snack stop will never be the same with the introduction of Donettes Old Fashioned Mini Donuts. Just like their larger, fresh-from-the-bakery counterparts, these mini cake donuts are moist and flavorful, finished with a sweet glaze to accentuate the signature old-fashioned-donut crackle shape. Thankfully, the 10.5-oz. pack contains plenty of mini donuts to go around.

Donettes Old Fashioned Donuts Hostess


All three items are available now at retailers nationwide for whenever your sweet tooth comes calling—just use the Hostess store locator to find availability near you.

We’ll bring the Bundts.

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