15 Things Designers Love To Buy On Amazon

One pro swears on Amazon's moss, of all things.

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Although we adore the convenience of online shopping, some ecommerce websites make it exceedingly difficult to browse. If you were to take a stroll around Homegoods or your local antique shop, you could peruse aisle upon aisle of curated goods, hopefully finding something you love. However, if you’re taking your home decor needs to Amazon, you need to know what you’re looking for. A too-vague search-bar attempt will show you a litany of random items that aren’t close to your style or your needs. The nearly unlimited amount of options can be intimidating and at times, the quality questionable. That's why a successful Amazon home shopping trip demands a little forethought, and we know exactly who to consult. Some of the South’s top designers let us in on their Amazon home must-haves. Here’s what to look for to shop Amazon like the pros. In just a few days, professional-grade purchases will be delivered to your front door.

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Acrylic Eisels

“These acrylic holders are perfect for styling shelves,” says Raleigh, North Carolina-based designer Cameron Jones. “They feel a little modern and a little traditional at the same time and work for art and plates and allow whatever they are holding to really shine.”

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Pillow Inserts

Pillow inserts will make or break a throw pillow. These ones are perfectly plush, says Jones. Swap out the overly rigid or too-worn out inserts in store-bought throw pillows, or use these inserts as the base for a custom throw. “The right insert makes all the difference in custom pillows,” Jones tells us.

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Bulletin Boards

Not only does Jones use these deliverable bulletin boards for inspiration around her office, she also loves them as home decor, especially in mudrooms and kids’ spaces. Jones recommends hanging them as is, or taking a DIY approach. “These are inexpensive but look nice as a stand alone,” she tells us. “I also like to cover them in fabrics for a fun customized look.”

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Filler Moss

Yes, you read that right. Jones touts moss from Amazon as just the thing to elevate fake plants in your home. "I order moss filler and moss balls for clients," she says. "This is great to stick in the bottom of faux plants and trees and live or faux orchids, and to also fill a bowl when you want some greenery but don’t want to have to manage keeping live plants from dying."

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Faux Branches

Designer Bethany Adams in Louisville, Kentucky has another stellar indoor plant Amazon pick for us. Her no-maintenance secret to effortless elegance are these fake branches. 

“Beautifully arranged faux branches are a great way to make your home look like it belongs in a high end magazine,” Adams says. “There are many affordable options that look as good as the real thing!”

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Linen Shower Curtains

When looking to achieve a sophisticated washroom that won’t break the bank, Adams turns to Amazon. “When redecorating a bathroom on a budget, opt for a real linen shower curtain for a high-end look,” she advises. “Not only are they elegant yet affordable, but they also offer natural antimicrobial properties.”

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Wood Cutting Boards

"A round cutting board looks great leaned against a backsplash and are an affordable way to dress up your kitchen counters," says Adams. "Besides being beautiful, they are also functional—serving as a great way to hide unsightly outlets."

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Geometric Vases

Every Southerner should have a curated collection of vases to display fresh blooms from the garden. And while the basic cylindrical vases and camellia bowls are a must, Austin, Texas- based designer Meredith Owen sets her sights to Amazon for a funkier home for floral arrangements. “Ceramic donut vases are a great way to feature greenery or floral stems on a dining room or entryway table,” she shares.

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Acrylic Picture Frames

“Acrylic picture frames serve as not only a quick and easy way to change up your family photos, but are also an inexpensive way to dress up your bookshelves,” Owen says. Purchasing a pack of these frames will surely pay off and be used for displays across the home. You just might find yourself ordering even more.

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Throw Blankets

If cozy yet cute is your priority, Owen raves that these throw blankets are the way to go. “A cozy New Zealand throw blanket is a perfect accent to a chair or sofa!” Choose the color that best suits your home and in just the couple of days it takes to ship, you’ll get to curl up with a soft, stylish throw.

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Remote-Controlled USB Lightbulbs

Brenda K. Thompson, owner and principal designer of HouseLift Design in Marietta, Georgia offers up these Amazon bulbs as a great choice for when you want light but don't have an outlet nearby or don't want to be able to see a cord. We also love the ease of turning on the light without having to lift anything more than a finger.

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Coffee Table Books

Every Southern hostess needs at least a few coffee table books on hand, and Amazon has them in spades. This is just one of many coffee table books on Amazon that Thompson loves. "We recommend at least 9”x12” in size for display books," she advises.

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Upholstery Cleaner

When decorating a home, designers remind us that we need to already be thinking about upkeep. Thompson recommends this Amazon spray, her go-to upholstery cleaner, to keep furniture looking good as new.

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Cord Management

Modern design often pulls out all the stops when it comes to technology, but we certainly don't want to see the cords to prove it. Thompson uses these cord hiders to camouflage bulkier cords and television cables. One of these can really go the distance in a home office, she says.

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Rug Pads

While the pros aren't turning to Amazon for the rugs themselves, they are taking advantage of the site's stock pile of the essential material for beneath any rug. Thompson says this rug pad from Amazon is "plush and safe for all floor types!"

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