6 Things Designers Always Buy At TJ Maxx

Don’t overlook the home decor potential of HomeGoods’ plentiful neighbor.

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When decorating or just sprucing up your home, there are some things worth splurging on and other places where it pays to save a dime. For example, a beautiful dining piece of furniture intended to pass down to the next generation probably isn’t the place to pinch pennies, but you can save a buck on some other room details and still have the space look up to par with the prized centerpiece investment. The trick to a stunning room that doesn’t break the bank is knowing where to save, and the right stores to help you do so.

Interior designer Kelley Kolettis based out of Little Rock, Arkansas, especially looks to shop on a shoestring for home decor items that will need to be replaced often. For example, she says that kids’ bedrooms are a great place to save money because odds are, their tastes will change often.

When designers like Kolettis are looking to spend less money on the details to make room in the budget for those investment pieces, they turn to stores like At Home, Target, and Homegoods. However, one hotspot for affordable home finds often goes overlooked: TJ Maxx. Often situated right next to HomeGoods, many people forget about this flourishing neighbor when on the hunt for economical home finds. Luckily, we’re here to remind you that TJ Maxx’s home section is flush with some of the South’s best designers’ favorite budget finds.

Here’s what designers love to shop at TJ Maxx. Follow their lead for the low-cost but high-quality odds and ends that you can save money on for a stylish home.

Large Rugs

“They have many different styles that come in prints, textures, or colors that I can make work almost anywhere,” says Kolettis. “Rugs can be expensive, but from TJMaxx I can find great brands for a lower price that work well for homes that have children or pets and have no desire to spend a lot of money on a rug that could easily be ruined.”

Birmingham, Alabama-based designer Cassie Tonsmeire also heads to TJ Maxx for rugs, specifically ones sized 5”x8” and 8”x10”. Whereas a rug from some other retailers may take months to arrive in the mail, Tonsmeire tells us that she can rely on TJ Maxx to have just what she needs in stock. “Sometimes they even carry Safavieh rugs,” she raves.


Tonsmeire recommends both table-top lamps and floor lamps from TJ Maxx. Kolettis agrees, saying that she often takes advantage of their affordable two-piece sets that include both the base and lampshade.

“I love seeing lamps in person before purchase because lamps sold online can look really cheap or really small once they come in,” reveals Kolettis. “Larger lamps always make a bigger impact in the space and finding lamps at a good price point make it so much better for the projects that have a smaller budget.”

Bathroom Accessories

We’ve long accepted the powder room as the jewel box design space that it ought to be, but that doesn't mean that other bathrooms in the house have to be drab. Small details and accessories can help bring life and interest into these functional spaces. That’s why Tonsmeire heads to TJ Maxx for help decorating clients’ bathrooms.

Accent Pillows

“Whether it be seasonal pillows or funky prints, I can always find unique pillows to add to a kids bedroom or to an Airbnb project that elevates the looks without breaking the budget,” says Maxxinista Kolettis. “The stuffing matters, so I try to find pillows that have sturdy inserts or easily removable covers that allow the insert to be upgraded.”

Storage Containers

Both Kolettis and Tonsmeire head to TJ Maxx for organizers that keep the home clutter-free and organized. 

“Clear containers in the refrigerator, pantry, closets, or cabinets help create a sense of organization that is easily maintained and TJMaxx has great prices on their containers,” explains Kolettis. “I can also find decorative baskets that can organize items that are left out in the room to hold blankets, stuffed animals, laundry, etc.”

Kitchen Cookware

Especially if you have open shelving, your kitchenware is as much a part of your decor as anything else. These pieces though, are especially important because they should be both functional and easy on the eyes. That’s where TJ Maxx comes in, Tonsmeire tells us. She especially loves their matching pots and pans sets.

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