8 Things Designers Look For While Shopping At Target

The pros love this superstore as much as we do.

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Even the pros can’t resist the temptation of those home decor aisles stocked full of stylish, affordable finds. 

“At Target, I am always pulled into their home accessories department which usually carry an assortment of fresh decor that I love to pair and contrast with my vintage sourced accessories,” shares Richmond, Virginia designer Ashley Hanley.

If money grew on trees, we would load our bright red carts up with everything in sight, but instead, we consulted some of the South’s top designers on how to strategically approach those enticing aisles. With their help, we can shop like a professional, finding quality finds at good prices without going overboard.

Some of these pros, like Hanley and the designers at GordonDunning in Atlanta, Georgia, head to Target for decorative accessories (especially from the Threshold collection!) to mix in with vintage pieces. Others say it’s their go-to for affordable furniture that hits the bullseye. It’s these things that designers turn to Target for over and over again. Designer Sarah McCarty even says that she takes a trip to Target every Thursday. We can relate. For all the Target devotees out there, here’s how to best shop the home section like a professional.

Faux Plants & Stems

“Hands down my most favorite home decor item to source from Target is their faux plants,” says McCarty. “I am really picky when it comes to artificial plants. They have to be the right shade of green and have a realistic texture to make the right statement in a room. Target always has the best selection of faux plants that look like the real deal.”

Similarly, McCarty also loves Target’s fake stems.

“I use a lot of faux stem arrangements in my designs,” she explains. “They're a great way to bring in a botanical element to your space and can be easily swapped out as the seasons change. Target's stems are not only realistic-looking, but they won't break the bank, nor do they require a green thumb!”

Storage Organizers

“What I find myself gravitating towards time after time are the beautiful storage pieces,” says Hanley, seconded by Carolyn Kendall from Nashville, Tennessee’s Alcott Interiors as well as Houston, Texas-based designer Brooke McGuyer. With so much professional support, Target’s storage bins and accessories are certainly designer favorites.

Laundry room with Target storage organizers

Kip Dawkins; Design by Ashley Hanley

"I am constantly sourcing these items for client's kitchens, pantries, and utility rooms,” Hanley tells us. “I incorporated wicker baskets and glass lidded jars in this client's utility room to help keep the space organized and also aesthetically pleasing for the open shelves that hold the daily used products.”

Molly Basile especially loves these hyacinth baskets from Target for affordable, stylish storage.


Two designers interviewed can’t get enough of Target’s lamps. While Lathem Gordon and Cate Dunning from GordonDunning’s pick is a tabletop stunner, Hattie Collins from Hattie Sparks Interiors in New Orleans, Louisiana, singled out an elegant floor lamp.

This lamp looks super high end and luxe, and is the perfect touch of texture for a living room,” she says. “I love the brass cap on the top!”


“Target has a wide variety of vases that look high-end, but without the hefty price tag,” shares McCarty. “You can find beautiful statement vases that will give your space a magazine-ready look. My top go-to vases from Target are their ceramics vases.”

Collins especially likes this vase which she says would look beautiful with eucalyptus branches.

Throw Blankets

McGuyer shops at Target for extra blankets to use in children’s rooms and playrooms. When you want something comfy but not too pricey, Target’s cozy throws will do the trick.

Decorative Bowls

“Another favorite Target home decor item is their decorative bowls,” McCarty tells us. “I use decorative bowls in a variety of ways across all of my designs. Whether I'm styling a coffee table, an entry table, or a kitchen counter, there's sure to be a beautiful bowl present.”

When choosing from Target’s collection of bowls, McCarty says she looks for unique shapes and colors to stun on coffee tables or filled with fruit on the kitchen counter.

Accent Furniture

When it comes to beautiful and affordable pieces of furniture to add interest to your home, Collins has you covered. She recommends this grounding charred wood coffee table, this bookcase that could pass for custom, this media console that blends contemporary and traditional styles, and this versatile bench.

Collins also loves to shop for this accent chair. “I'm obsessed with Danish vintage chairs from the 1940s-1960s, and this one evokes the same vibe but at a fraction of the price,” she says.

Wall Frames

“I love creating gallery walls in my designs,” McCarty says. “They create a statement while showcasing some of your most prized photos. Choosing the right frame is an essential part of the process in making a gallery wall come together.” 

McCarty raves that Target has an outstanding selection of frames in an assortment of colors and sizes that she uses to make her gallery walls. She especially loves hanging multiple frames by Project 62.

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