Looking for a fun and festive appetizer recipe? This Thanksgiving In A Cup from Kathy G. gives party guests a taste of Thanksgiving dinner in a handheld package. Alabama event-planning legend and cookbook author Kathy G. knows her way around a holiday gathering, and we love this cute and creative way to rethink Thanksgiving appetizers. Grab your martini glasses and get ready to stack! Thanksgiving In A Cup starts with a scoop of classic mashed potatoes. Next, layer your favorite Thanksgiving dressing recipe (we’re guessing it’s Mama’s), and pour over a splash of gravy. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without turkey, so a slice of roasted turkey comes next. A sweet cranberry compote tops the glass off, and Kathy G. showed us how to make it. The compote is made with freshly squeezed orange juice, sugar, orange zest, fresh cranberries, water, and a few cinnamon sticks for extra holiday cheer. Your guests will rave about this delicious and portable Thanksgiving appetizer. Cheers!

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