Because Thanksgiving shouldn't be Stress-giving.

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Thanksgiving Table
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Ah, the happy, calm, Thanksgiving table. Sometimes, we think that scene might be folklore. As we begin to prep for the Thanksgiving holiday, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, and at times, even depressed. Here are five apps and services that will help you reduce stress, be more present, and enjoy Turkey Day like never before.

1. TaskRabbit

This app and website is a boon for taking things off your to-do list. Around the country, so-called "taskers" can tackle everything from running your errands to assisting with holiday cooking and baking. If you're hosting, consider using TaskRabbit to hire someone to clean your house before guests arrive or handle cleanup after they leave. Taskers can also help you set your Thanksgiving table, pick up decorations and groceries, and even pour drinks, serve food, and clean up after your meal so you can enjoy quality time with your guests. Too tired to go shopping on Black Friday? Book a tasker to stand in line for you and knock off your holiday shopping.

2. Headspace

When you need a break from all the noise, tune into this mindfulness app which actually motivates you to stick with the daily practice of meditating. With various categories for meditation programs to choose from ranging from "anxiety" to "meditation for cooking," there's something for everyone. Including soothing ambient noise for when the idea of hearing one more person—even if its in the form of a calming British accent as this case may be—will push you over the edge.

3. [tempo-ecommerce src="" title="Boxed" context="body"]

Why wait in long lines at the grocery store or local big box store when you can do it all online? Scope out Boxed's Thanksgiving Essentials Store, which includes an assortment of classic Thanksgiving pantry staples, kitchen tools, food storage, and more. We'll be buying extra green beans, extra virgin olive oil, and shatterproof wine tumblers. Bonus: Boxed offers free shipping for all orders $49 and more in two days or less. See ya never, crazy in-store lines.

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4. Google Nest Hub Max

This spiffy machine lets you shout commands at Google Assistant ("Hey Google, play Dolly Parton" or "Hey Google, set timer for 40 minutes"), play videos, browse the web, video chat with loved ones who can't make it to the celebrations, and so much more. That reminds us: Hey Google, how many tablespoons are in a cup again? (16, friends). Now, BRB, looking up Ayesha Curry's new Thanksgiving recipe on Google Assistant.

5. [tempo-ecommerce src="" title="Vrbo" context="body"]

Move the party to a vacation rental and you may actually find yourself looking forward to Thanksgiving like never before. Not only does a new backdrop for holiday fun add excitement to the festivities, but it can take the anxiety out of "who's hosting?" or "how will we have room for so-and-so's son-in-law's family?" Vrbo Travel Expert Melanie Fish shares with Southern Living that the platform regularly sees people renting homes for the holidays, whether they're traveling to a new destination, going back to their hometown, or headed somewhere in-between to make things more convenient for spread-out groups. "Some people will book a house for relatives visiting from out of town if they don't have space in their homes (or big enough kitchens) and host the holiday there," she adds.

6. Instacart

You totally had time to go grocery shopping on your own. And then your best friend from high school got to town a day early. Or your kid thew an epic tantrum. Or your back feels strained from hitting it too hard on the yoga mat. Whatever got you here, this grocery delivery service has professional food shoppers around the country ready to help you, and give you that precious time back to catch up with your senior year bestie.