Southerners love to decorate for the holidays, and Thanksgiving is one of our favorite seasons to celebrate. We pull out all of our fall decor, add pumpkins to our front porches, bring in colorful leaves, and light apple-cinnamon candles in our living rooms. It's the warmest, coziest time of the year. If you're looking for an adorable way to DIY your holiday decor, you've got to see this Thanksgiving Pie Garland. Showing off darling wedges of cherry, pecan, and pumpkin pie, this simple how-to gives your mantel, dessert table, or porch railing a playful (and yummy-looking) upgrade. Plus, it's incredible simple to pull together. To start this craft, you'll need some burlap fabric, colored felt, cotton balls, hot glue, and twine. Use a "pie slice" shape cut from a piece of card stock or cardboard to be your guide, and then trace the shape onto your felt. We've given the cherry and pecan pie a "latticed" crust with strips of burlap, and then topped our pumpkin pie with a "dollop of cream." This is a great way to get older kids involved with the decorating, and the end result is a fun conversation-starter.

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