One week until I taste its magic again.

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Williams-Sonoma Gravy Separator
Credit: Williams-Sonoma

My mom makes the best gravy. (Maybe your Mama does too—I realize these things are largely subjective.) The secret to my mom's big-flavor, zero-grease gravy is one nifty tool that she picked up years ago, just a day before Thanksgiving. We had been perusing Williams-Sonoma looking for a last-minute tablecloth (don't worry, we found one) when we happened upon a nifty gravy separator that was a no-brainer. You try standing over a hot gravy pan skimming every last bit of fat off the top of your award-winning gravy—it really puts a laborious finishing step on Thanksgiving dinner. No, thank you.

The gravy separator she opted for is made of heat-resistant glass and hasn't broken, chipped, or cracked in the 10-plus years she's had it. And it's used way more than just once a year. The exact version she nabbed on our Thanksgiving Eve shopping expedition a decade ago doesn't seem to be available now, though this No-Spill Gravy Separator looks exactly like Mom's with the exception of the stopper on the spout, which hers doesn't have.

The thing she might love most about her nifty separator is the strainer at the top. When she pours the juices from the pan into the wide mouth, the strainer catches any leftover herbs and grizzly bits (which I pluck out of the strainer and munch on the moment she turns her back). She lets the separator sit for a bit to make sure the fat is fully separated before returning the delicious drippings to her turkey pan and beginning her magical gravy-making process, the details of which I'm not at liberty to discuss.

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As you can imagine, I'm already counting down the days and hours until I slather my plate in my mom's perfectly seasoned, just-the-right-consistency, golden brown gravy. Who's with me?