Texas A&M Basketball Game Delayed After Aggies Forget Uniforms At Hotel


Texas A&M Florida

James Gilbert/Getty Images

We’ve all left things in hotel rooms before, but usually that causes just a mere inconvenience. When Texas A&M’s basketball team left something behind, though, it caused a delay in a nationally televised sporting event. That’s because the item they left at their hotel? It was their game jerseys. 

Texas A&M was wearing their practice jerseys as they warmed up for their college basketball matchup against Florida on Wednesday, so it took them a moment to realize that they had forgotten their game jerseys at the hotel. While they quickly sent a staff member back to the hotel to get the all-important uniforms, it was too late. There was no way for the Aggies to suit up in time to make tip-off. That meant the game was delayed while Texas A&M got their uniforms and got dressed.

It was a surprising situation that stunned even the seen-it-all ESPN commentators. “I've never seen it before,” commentator Jimmy Dykes said, according to Sports Illustrated. “We'll probably never see it again.” 

Due to the unfortunate delay, Texas A&M earned a technical foul, which meant Florida started the game with a free throw. The shot was taken by Florida guard Will Richard who made it, so the Aggies started their game down a point before the game even officially started. They made up for lost time, though, eventually winning over Florida 66-63.

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