Dad Searching For Teddy Bear That Plays Daughter’s Late Mom's Heartbeat After It Was Accidentally Donated

The bear, which is all the four year old has left of her mother, was donated to a Tennessee Goodwill.

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A Tennessee dad is asking for help reuniting his four-year-old daughter with a priceless memento.

Tylor Kennedy told WATE-TV that he is looking for a teddy bear that was accidentally donated to a Goodwill Store in Tazewell. The tie-dye rainbow Build-a-Bear bear contains a recording of his daughter’s late mother’s heartbeat that you can hear when you squeeze its paw.

“My daughter’s mom passed away and her grandma made her bear with her mom’s heartbeat in it,” Kennedy told the local news station, noting that it’s the only thing the toddler has left of her mother.

"They didn't realize it was in there until they went to get the bear," Cindy Dodson, a representative for Goodwill Industries-Knoxville, told People. "And it had already been sold by the time they came back to the store to see if it was there." 

"When items come in, our staff automatically want to get them out on the floor," Dodson said, explaining that employees unfortunately have "no way of knowing if an item was donated by mistake or if it had a sentimental value."

A sign has been posted on the Goodwill store asking shoppers for help locating the bear, but it has yet to turn up. 

"Please, if y'all find it or see anybody that has one, just check or turn it [in]," Kennedy told WATE-TV.

If you have seen this bear or know anyone that has seen it, store employees are asking you to return it to the Tazewell Goodwill. If returned, the person will be reimbursed for the purchase.

Anyone with useful information is urged to call the store at (423) 626-1909.

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