If you’re searching for a place where good company, impeccable food, and passion collide, look no further than Mike’s Tailgating Crew at the University of Texas in Austin. Levon Steele started this notable event over 11 years ago in honor of his cousin, Mike, who passed away after battling cancer. One of Mike’s wishes was to have an epic tailgating party complete with all of his friends and family, and now, every UT home game, that’s exactly what happens. Everything that makes this football celebration so memorable is donated. The food, drinks, decorations, and volunteers all contribute to the exciting event. In fact, the funds raised at Mike’s Tailgating Crew are saved and put towards a college fund for Mike’s daughter.

Even though this celebratory occasion takes place at the largest tailgating spot on campus, it is still completely packed at every home game with more than 300 people. Talk about a party! What keeps everyone coming back for more? The Southern cuisine, of course. Mike’s Tailgating Crew serves corndogs, barbeque, ribs, chicken, quail, and even biscuits and gravy! But, the most notable food is, without a doubt, the spicy, cheesy, bacon-y, buttery potatoes – otherwise known as potato salad. 

This Southern gathering is family oriented and full of passion and support for Longhorn football. In fact, one fan hasn’t missed a tailgate since she was 4 years old; watching the cheerleaders do flips actually helped her learn how to count! It’s a place where everyone is welcome and it feels like home the second you arrive. Hook 'em horns!

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