At a college where “Hotty Toddy” is the go-to catch phrase, shades of crimson and navy blue dominate the campus, and countless “Rebel” T-shirts are on every corner, you may be shocked to spot a Zebra-styled tailgating tent. But, the University of Mississippi prides itself on individuality, and The Zebra Tent has been one of the school’s landmarks for more than 15 years. The eye-catching oasis instantly pulls people in with its wacky style, and the atmosphere is so warm and welcoming that even the opposing team’s fans tend to sit back and stay awhile. The Zebra Tent is set to impress with an extraordinary amount of food, decked-out lounge chairs, and over 500 people hanging out on Game Day. To the Ole Miss supporters, it’s so much more than a place to tailgate; The Zebra Tents gives people an opportunity to meet each other and cultivate long-lasting relationships.

While the zebra style is surely constant, the theme of this tailgating haven changes each week depending on the Rebel’s opponent. For instance, when Ole Miss plays Texas A&M, The Zebra Tent is adorned with horse saddles and cacti to make the incoming Texans feel at home. The list of available food is so extraordinarily long that some say a cuisine map would be helpful. A taco bar, homemade meatballs, a kid’s dessert table, and a mimosa fountain complete with color coordinated champagne glasses are just some of the items served at this tailgating extravaganza. Rain or shine, these Mississippians sure know how to roll out the red carpet for Game Day and show that characteristically Southern hospitality.

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