You don’t have to say much when it comes to the die-hard mentality of the Tennessee fan. The bright orange attire makes the entrance, but the passion and dedication emanates from the soul even louder (if that’s possible!). We’ve got an old saying in the South that during the fall, football is religion, and every Saturday is a holy day. Well, if that’s the case, then the place of worship in Knoxville would undoubtedly be the Game-Day flotilla known as the Vol Navy that gathers 250 decked-out boats on any given Saturday. If you could combine the rowdy atmosphere of a Southern tailgate with the communal attitude of over 200 connected boats on the Tennessee River, then you’d get this Game-Day extravaganza at the University of Tennessee. Dubbing their tradition “sailgating,” it’s hard to find a more festive spot to make new friends and get ready for the game. For these boat-ridden fans, everyone is family and the Vols are the golden children. With live music, tricked-out sports bars, and more bright orange than you can imagine, the Vol Navy gives tailgating a whole new spin.

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