A new glitch in a standard app is causing iPhone batteries to aggressively drain.

By Liz Steelman
November 23, 2017

Recently purchased a new iPhone or upgraded to iOS 11.1.1? Well, there's one popular app that you might want to stay away from, as it's wrecking havoc on battery life.

As first reported by the blog PiuinkaWeb on Monday, there appears to be a bug affecting the YouTube app that severely affects battery life and causes overheating on iPhones running the newest iOS—even when the app is opened in the background but not actively being used. Users say that using the app depletes the battery nearly a percentage point a minute, and its affecting even the iPhone X's improved battery life.

Thankfully, as of November 12, YouTube is aware of the issue. After a user reported 20 percent of its battery being drained after 30 minutes of use, the company replied that they were "actively working on the issue."

Though the video streaming company released a new version of the app yesterday (12.44) that included "support for iPhone X," battery drainage is still being reported by users on Twitter at time of writing.

So for now, it might be a good idea to delete your YouTube app—or at least make sure it's closed at all times, so you're not caught with a surprise dead battery.

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