More than 3,900 pounds of meat products frequently sold at Whole Foods have been recalled. Here is the full list of products affected.

By Nora Horvath
March 08, 2018
Credit: LPETTET/Getty Images

More than 3,900 pounds of meat from the brand Olli Salumeria Americana have been recalled after an inspection found them to be tainted with Listeria, said the United States Department of Agriculture in a press release. The products, which are available at Whole Foods, were distributed across 29 states and Canada.

The recall affects ready-to-eat meat products from Olli Salumeria Americana that were packaged on January 19, 2018. The contamination was discovered during a routine sampling, and there have been no confirmed reports of reactions due to consumption at this time.

If you find one of the affected products in your home, the USDA urges you to either throw it away or return it to store that you purchased it from. Listeria typically manifests as flu-like symptoms, and the USDA recommends that if you develop these symptoms within two months of consuming the product to seek medical care.

Here is the complete list of recalled products:

  • 6 oz. packages of "Gusto NAPOLI APPLEWOOD-SMOKED SALAME" containing lot code 1000012821.
  • 6 oz. packages of "Gusto CHORIZO SMOKED PAPRIKA" containing lot code 1000012812.
  • 6 oz. packages of "Gusto SOPRESSATA BLACK PEPPERCORN SALAME" containing lot code 1000012811.
  • 6 oz. packages of "Gusto TOSCANO FENNEL POLLEN SALAME" containing lot code 1000012805.
  • 6 oz. packages of "Gusto PEPPERONI CLASSICALLY AMERICAN" containing lot code 1000012804.
  • 175 gram packages of "OLLI MOLISANA PEPPER + GARLIC SALAMI" containing lot code 1000012808.
  • 175 gram packages of "OLLI NAPOLI APPLEWOOD-SMOKED SALAMI" containing lot code 1000012810.
  • 175 gram packages of "OLLI CALABRESE SPICY SALAMI" containing lot code 1000012807.

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