The pups at Meet the Breeds like to eat so much more than kibble.

By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
westminster dog show
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While the world's elite athletes are showing off their skills in PyeongChang and models strut next season's trends down the runways of New York Fashion Week, another display of pomp and physical perfection is taking place at Madison Square Garden: The 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. With agility events, breed competitions, and the coveted Best in Show title all on the line, the annual show kicked off at Pier 92 with the ever-popular Meet the Breeds on Saturday—a chance for the public to mingle with purebred dogs (and kitties) of every shape and size imaginable. We took to the showroom floor to chat with 19 champion pooches, former and future alike, to find out what treats these canines are craving.



Registered Name: Chattaway's Secret Thread
Breed: Weimaraner
Age: 3
Hometown: Winfield, PA
"I really enjoy fresh green beans as a special treat when I've been good. I love bananas, too, and apples. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Except for cabbage, yuck!"



Registered Name: Riverside's Remington Magical Gun
Breed: Welsh Springer Spaniel
Age: 10
Hometown: Bayville, NY
"I love carrots and cantaloupe, any fruit I can get my paws on. But I'm usually easing fish and sweet potato dog food. Sometimes I get to lick the dinner plates before they hit the dishwasher."



Registered Name: Grand Champion Orion's Heaven Help Us
Breed: West Highland Terrier
Age: 2 1/2
Hometown: Long Island, NY
"I eat liver and steak—any whole meat—while I'm competing. I love carrots, too, but they'll turn me orange if I eat too many. I like cabbage and even brussels sprouts. Watermelon is my favorite fruit."


Crime Spree

Registered Name: Grand Champion Dual Champion Surrey Hill Silkrock Teenage Crime Spree at Mariner
Breed: Whippet
Age: 7
Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL
"I'll indulge in a thin slice of Manchego on a rye cracker, or perhaps a schmear of Roquefort. And I love cashews and other nuts. Salmon is great for my coat, but when I was competing, I'd go for an egg and cheese omelette made with coconut oil."



Registered Name: Champions Timber Oaks Sophie Es Linda
Breed: Spanish Water Dog
Age: 3 1/2
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
"I'll snack on turkey bacon, but I'm usually eating lamb. No table scraps for me, I'm competing this year!"



Registered Name: Case's Sweet Dessert
Breed: Pomeranian
Age: 1
Hometown: Queens, NY
"My favorite treats are Gerber chicken sticks (they're for babies). And no, I've never eaten a Twinkie."


Snippet & Lisbon

Registered Name: StarMountain Vino Verde & StarMountain Princess Lisbon
Breed: Podengo
Ages: 2 & 4
Hometown: Windsor, CT
"We worked on a farm for a while and ate lots of hard-boiled eggs."
"We're also bananas for bananas. Do you have any?"



Registered Name: American Canadian Champion Silvertown Oh Carol
Breed: Pug
Age: 9 1/2
Hometown: Concord, NH
"Baked liver with a little garlic powder is just wonderful."



Registered Name: Luvakis Shirley's Thorin Eichenschild
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Age: 3
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
"I'll snack on turkey hearts or liver and sometimes have a little egg in my kibble. Kefir is my go-to probiotic."



Registered Name: Mceremon's Sako of Arctic Ridge
Breed: Icelandic Sheepdog
Age: 5
Hometown: West Virginia
"I like a little cheese in my usual food. Hot dogs are good, too. Sometimes I get to lick the chicken pan before it gets washed. I use fresh herbs to keep my teeth clean."



Registered Name: Celestial La Vie En Rouge
Breed: Mastif
Age: 8
Hometown: Long Island, NY
"I get the pizza crusts."



Registered Name: International Champion Grand Champion Bronze C and M's Raining California Spring
Breed: Maltese
Age: 5
Hometown: Silicon Valley, CA
"I'm a finicky eater, but I love, love, love string cheese."



Registered Name: Grand Champion Avalon's First Voyage
Breed: Norfolk Terrier
Age: 4
Hometown: Exeter, RI
"Baby carrots and crisp green beans are a delicacy, as far as I'm concerned. I love sweet potatoes, homemade yogurt, and bananas, too. I even get steak or hamburger once in a while."



Registered Name: Blue Mountain Not On My Watch
Breed: Old English Sheepdog
Age: 3
Hometown: North Sanford, NY
"I like cottage cheese and chicken livers in my kibble. And I love eating my greens—romaine lettuce ribs and broccoli and asparagus stems."



Registered Name: Bur Oaks Golden Gemma of Alaric
Breed: Bull Terrier
Age: 6
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
"I'm eating a turkey meatball right now! I'd also take a sardine if you've got one."



Registered Name: Sketchbook I've Got Ewe
Breed: Berger Picard
Age: 5
Hometown: Columbia, MO
"I'll have chicken breast, please, grilled with a little bit of garlic."



Registered Name: Scotia Cute As A Button
Breed: Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Age: 7
Hometown: Long Island, NY
"Other than dog treats? I like bananas and cantaloupe. I'll eat a blueberry or two off of the floor."



Registered Name: Champion Bedrock's Smokin' Hot
Breed: Miniature Wirehaird Dachshund
Age: (not given)
Hometown: Central New Jersey
"I have simple tastes. Chicken."



Registered Name: Marbo's Sparkling Blue Bonnet
Breed: Chinese Shar-Pei
Age: (not given)
Hometown: East Haddam, CT
"I was just nibbling on an oatmeal cookie. Where'd it go?"

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show airs Monday, February 12 and Tuesday, February 13 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox Sports 1.

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