The funny (and sometimes gross) beauty habits of real women. 

By Hallie Gould
April 23, 2017
Put a little lipstick on! —Kathleen Shutello Terchek
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We all have secret behavior—and usually it stays between us, the mirror, and maybe our snooping roommates. That is, until now. I crowd-sourced confessions from real women to find out all the funny (and sometimes gross) things we do, but rarely say out loud. Think of it as a big bonding session, ladies.

1. I practice smiling in front of the mirror. — Ella, 31, Texas

2. I have resorted to flossing with my hair before! — Mikaela, 26, New York

3. I use a brown sharpie to color my single gray strands between color appointments. — Carly, 38, North Carolina

4. I spray dry shampoo on my armpits. — Brenda, 30, Colorado

5. Hand sanitizer as deodorant. — Katie, 25, New York

6. I use ingrown hair pads as acne face cleaning pads. — Kathleen, 26, Ohio

7. I never wash my face. — Lisa, 24, New York

8. I never shower on Sundays. — Alyssa, 23, Nebraska

9. I meticulously clean out my ears every single day. Or else I go insane. — Robbie, 18, Massachusetts

10. I have 12 different face washes for every mood or ailment. And, yes, I use all of them. — Hallie, 25, New York

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11. I exfoliate my armpits every day. — Lucia, 22, Pennsylvania 11

12. I don't shower as much as a normal human should. — Jude, 27, Florida

13. I stop shaving my legs in the winter because that sh*t keeps me warm. — Kathryn, 29, New York

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