Here's the ranking of our favorite Easter candy, from chocolate filled Peeps to sea-salt caramel chocolate eggs. 

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Abby Hocking

Listen, I know that Easter should really be appreciated for the fact it marks the beginning of season during which we will all being lounging around in lawn chairs, wearing sun hats, and drinking sparkling, bubbling, and otherwise refreshing cocktails, preferably garnished with a juicy slice of cucumber. Soon you and your friends will be prancing around in the sunshine, baking cupcakes for garden parties and eating fresh green salads, and that is truly wonderful. But what about the Easter candy? Let's not forget the other most important part about Easter—which is, honestly, the chocolate.

This year, lots of new Easter candy is hitting store shelves. You're going to want to try all this new Easter candy for yourself, but to make things easier on your taste buds, we at Food & Wine took it upon ourselves to try out some of the new Easter candy on offer this season. We've got new flavors of Peeps, caramel-focused chocolate, and lots of different chocolate eggs. Here are our picks for five of the best new Easter candies you can treat yourself to this year:

1. Ghiardelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Eggs

One staffer said these chocolates have both "bitter and sweet," flavors, while another commented that this was the only candy of the bunch to have a "grown up" taste. Our test kitchen staff also couldn't get enough of these chocolates.

Ghiardelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Eggs, $4 on

2. Dylan's Candy Bar Caramel Robin Eggs

These new additions to the Dylan's Candy Bar line-up have a "creamy caramel," texture according to one taste-tester, which is only enhanced once it has a chance to melt in your mouth.

Chocolate Caramel Rob Eggs, $12 on

3. Lindt Hardshell Eggs

Two Food & Wine staffers commented that these Lindt eggs are similar in taste to Cadbury Crème Eggs, which is high praise.

Lindt Easter Hardshell Eggs, $4 on

4. Dove Truffles Milk Chocolate Carrot Patch

If you're looking for classic milk chocolate with no fillings or flavors, look no further than these Dove chocolates, which the staff agreed are a perfectly serviceable chocolate treat.

Dove Truffles Milk Chocolate Carrot Patch, pack of 6, $27 on

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5. Peeps Orange Sherbert & Neopolitan Marshmallow Chicks

Coated in sugar, dipped in a light coating of white chocolate, and in the case of the Neapolitan flavor, filled with gooey chocolate filling, Peeps are back at it again with their blood-sugar spiking marshmallow desserts. It is possible to get a sugar rush after taking just one small bite of a Peep? Yes. But the brightly colored marshmallow chicks are a classic of the season, and this list just wouldn't be complete without them.

Peep's Easter Neapolitan Delights, $2 on

Peep's Easter Orange Sherbet Delights, $2 on