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We're the first to admit it: Applying fake lashes is no easy feat. If you've ever had an experience where it seems like your eyes are covered in glue or the falsies look like a mess, you're not the only one. (Yes, we've been there too, and it's not pretty!) So when lash guru and celebrity makeup artist Tracy Murphy stopped by to discuss her new lash-focused beauty line Lash Star Beauty, we had to ask her how to get the perfect fake lash look for our "How It's Done" video series.

Murphy — who works with Ashley Graham, Kate Upton and Hailey Clauson — broke it down for us (watch the video above!), in just a few easy steps.

Source: Tracy Murphy/Instagram

How It's Done:
– First, start by curling your lashes so they all go in the same general direction
– Hold the strip of lashes against your own lash line to determine where to cut off the excess (Tracy calls this "auditioning" the lashes)
– Trim them with a scissors so they fit your eye perfectly
– Apply glue to the lash strip, and make sure to add a little extra glue to the corner
– Wait 60 seconds for the glue to get tacky
– Apply directly onto the lashline (Tip: Use the bottom of a tweezer or the edge of a bobby pin to nudge the strip into place)
– Remove any excess glue with a pointed cotton swab
– Apply liner to the inside corner or the lash line to blend in the strip

Watch the video above to see the full tutorial! Tell us: Have you ever had a cool (or crazy) lash experience?

— Sharon Clott Kanter

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