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There's the original animated movie, and now, the upcoming live action version starring Emma Watson. But you've never seen a more literal interpretation of Beauty and the Beast than this one released by Insta-celeb canine Doug the Pug this week. Doug, a dog famous for getting dressed up in hilarious outfits and being photographed in comedic situations (pushing a tiny shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot, doing dishes in rubber gloves, tucking into a pizza in off-duty wear) is kind of the Grumpy Cat of his species.

His owner is clearly some kind of marketing genius, plying pug wares (Stranger Pugs and Pug Life tees, pug mugs, plush toys, etc. on the dog's website), and now, our furry friend has taken to acting, too—Doug's owner posted an adorable and rioutous clip of Doug, clad in a Beast costume that features a full furry mane, reenacting scenes from the film with a pug co-star as Belle. Prepare for LOLs.

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We've fallen in love with this Beast, too.

This Story Originally Appeared On Instyle