Looking for a little travel inspiration?

By Talia Avakian
January 28, 2017
Photo-Illustration: David Kukin / Artwork: Courtesy of EBTH

Vintage travel posters from noted artist Stan Galli, dating from the 1950s to the '70s, are up for grabs.

Bidding starts as low as $1 on Everything But the House, a company that works with clients to bring estate sale shopping to the web.

The posters are open for bidding until Friday, and range from tranquil scenes of nature to charming works created for United Airlines and playful illustrations of '50s hot rods. The collection comes from a life-long collector of Galli's work.

"What makes these posters so interesting is that during this time era, everyone was back home in the country with this newfound sense of modern nationalism and with that, travel became much less expensive, meaning everyone could travel," Rebecca Lindrew, a sales specialist at EBTH, told Travel + Leisure. "People wanted to see how beautiful America was at the time, which is why you see this great sense of confidence with bold, popping colors and sleek modern lines identifying with the various different regions of the United States."

This can be seen in posters like this iconic image of the Statue of Liberty, which Lindrew describes as a symbolic depiction of a time where people were starting to rethink the great American landscape.

Other favorites include this New England poster, where an array of American antiques highlight America's bi-centennial, when people were starting to get interested in the country once again, according to Lindrew.

The collection from Galli, whose works have appeared in various publications and outlets including the Saturday Evening Post and Reader's Digest, also includes artwork that depicts scenes of America's untamed West.

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