Anyone who has tried to find affordable roses this time of year knows it's a Herculean task, but Whole Foods is hoping to seduce shoppers this year.

The Amazon-owned grocery store is charging Amazon Prime members just $19.99 for two dozen roses. Non-Prime shoppers will pay $25.

Getting those roses delivered is a bit trickier, though. Whole Foods offers delivery service in markets where it currently has the Amazon Now food delivery service for an extra $6. That covers 60 major markets, but certainly not as wide an area as FTD, 1-800-Flowers, or any of the other national floral companies.

You can find out if your beloved is in a delivery zone by going to and clicking on the Whole Foods tab, then entering the zip code.

Flowers are a big part of Valentine's Day, but prices tend to jump considerably at this time of year, typically the most profitable for flower wholesalers and shops. And while they're nice, the smart Valentine's shopper won't forget the wine and chocolate as well.

Sadly, Sweethearts candy hearts, those familiar chalky candies that have been around for over 100 years, are MIA this year, after confectioner Necco was sold and the new owner was unable to make a sufficient number in time.

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