Cheeky cartoons and punny declarations of love are the keys to our hearts.


Drugstore Valentine's Day cards not doing it for you this year? Looking for a relatable way to express how you really feel about your nearest and dearest? Well, you know what they say—the way to someone's heart is through their stomach. This year, consider gifting one of these super-cute Valentines from Minted ($14 for 15!)—they feature some of our all-time favorite foods (ramen, avocado, tacos, yummmm) along with clever, affectionate puns. Check out 10 of our faves (including "Udon even know how much I like you," above).

"You're everything I avo wanted in a friend."

"Valentine, I only have fries for you."

"I think you're grate."

"You're my jam."

"I like the way you roll."

"You're one in a melon."

"Let's taco 'bout how awesome you are."

"You're soy awesome."

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"I like you a waffle lot."

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