Uber Car Service Taxi Surge Pricing New Year's Eve
Credit: onfokus/Getty Images

This New Year's Eve many of us will likely be imbibing in a few too many cocktails and champagne toasts. So of course that means it's best to call a cab when it's time to go home at the end of the night.

But, if you live or are celebrating in New York City, that cab could cost you a lot, especially if you're trying to take an Uber during peak hours.

Thankfully, Uber was kind enough to warn users of the most expensive times to hail the on-demand ride service so you can try your best to avoid them.

According to an Uber spokesperson who spoke with Elite Daily, the worst time to call an Uber on New Year's Eve is between 12 a.m. and 3 a.m. local time. That is when the service says it will hit peak hours and prices will surge.

Sure, that time hits just as the ball drops, but there are ways to avoid shelling out all your New Year's Eve dough on a ride.

First and foremost, try planning your night around these times. Make it to the party, club, restaurant, or home before midnight. Then simply celebrate there until the wee hours of the morning and take a cab post-peak hours.

Next, try sharing a cab with friends. Uber allows customers to split fares, meaning your trip could become a lot cheaper if you head home with three or four buddies (and frankly, that's safer anyway).

Or, if you're feeling adventurous, take an UberPool home. This option will mean that you have to share a cab with multiple strangers and make multiple stops along the way, but it will be cheaper, too. And Uber's algorithm ensures that all the passengers' final destinations are along a similar route so you won't need to go too far of the way.

Finally, if you can, simply take public transportation. This way you'll only spend a few bucks to make it safely home.

But again, if Uber is your only option that expensive fair is well worth it compared to getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking. Sure, you'll start 2018 with a little less change in your pocket, but at least you'll start it in a safe, healthy, and happy place.

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